The Customized Paperless Forms Calgary’s Most Efficient Companies Use

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, the transition to customized paperless forms is now a reality. Gone are the days of relying on workers to complete and submit their paper forms in the course of the business day. Mobile forms completed in the field are filed, sorted and collated in real time in cloud folders for your review and implementation. The data collected goes from entry to analytics immediately.

A Painless Transition

Our app enables mobile users to receive dispatched forms from the office, collect vital work data in the field and submit complete, media-rich and error-free forms, anywhere and in real time. Big Sky’s resident paperless form expert can take you from paper to digital quickly and economically — from vehicle checklists to toolbox meetings, time sheets or service tickets.

Any Forms You Need

Toolbox meetings, vehicle inspection forms, time sheets, service forms — give us your current forms, and we will create paperless versions quickly and economically and show you how to store them in a secure and shared cloud environment.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Go paperless. Not only will you save a tree, but you also will save time and money with increased effectiveness. Call Big Sky Call Centers today.